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Would you bleed for the one you love?

Angel Harris has always had a thing about vampires, but not so much the killer that is claiming victims in the city where she lives and works.  The press are calling him ‘The Vampire’, because the victims are found drained of blood, with bite marks to their necks.

Ash is the lead singer in a local rock band.  Angel is drawn into his world when she is asked by her boss at the local newspaper to investigate rumours of blood drinking within Ash’s band.

Ash and Angel bond on a deep level and she finds herself welcomed into this group of supposed blood drinkers.

But the body count continues to rise and Angel will soon find out that ‘The Vampire’ is closer to her than she ever would have believed.

Sex, blood and rock n roll.


‘I totally understand, baby.  Believe it or not I’ve been taking things slowly with you.  The way you make me feel scares me, that first night I could have pushed it and came into your flat and fucked you…’
His presumption riled me and I pushed him away from me.  ‘What makes you think that I would have let you in?’
‘Deny it then, tell me that you weren’t mine for the taking that night,’ he said.  He looked so supercilious that I wanted to punch him, yet at the same time it made him look so damn sexy that I wanted to kiss him.
I punched him in the chest.  ‘Arrogant bastard.’
‘That wasn’t a denial, Angel,’ he looked amused so I hit him again, he didn’t even flinch.
‘What was it, Ash?  Do you think that I’m that easy or that you’re that irresistible?’ I yelled.
‘Just so that you know I find you quite irresistible too,’ he said.
He still looked too damn pleased with himself so I raised both my hands to punch his chest again, even although it was like hitting a rock.  He was quicker and caught both of my wrists in his hands to stop me.  The amusement vanished in a blink of his eyes, his voice turned to a low growl.  ‘Listen to me.  What would usually have happened is that I would have taken you home with me that first night, we would have fucked, I would have made sure you enjoyed it and afterwards I would have expected you to leave,’ he said and I struggled to get away from him, anger flaring again wildly.
‘If you’d wanted me to leave then you should have said the same as you usually say to get rid of the others,’ I said.  ‘Let go of me.’
His fingers dug into my wrists hard enough to hurt and he jerked me closer to him.  ‘Shut up for a minute will you?’ he snapped.  As he continued to speak his eyes were flaring with anger, he released my wrists only to grip onto my upper arms, no more gentler and he was shouting.  ‘I’m trying to tell you that it’s different with you.  I didn’t want you to leave.  I never want you to leave.  I wanted you to be there when I awoke this evening.  I don’t do relationships, I never let people get close.  And it scares me how easily you can breach all my boundaries.  I’ve been trying to stay away from the edge but I can’t and I’m falling fast.  But believe me if I’m falling I’m grabbing your hand and you’re coming with me.  I can’t fight this so don’t you even try.’
He paused a moment, his hands still gripping my arms, digging into flesh, probably hard enough to bruise.  And then he spoke again.  ‘I fucking love you, goddamn it.’
Those words have been spoken by many millions of men to many millions of women and probably in much more eloquent ways.  And given that Ash was a brilliant lyricist it was a poor effort but he couldn’t have moved me more.  Because it wasn’t the words it was the passion that was beneath them.  The force with which he spoke made me believe it more so than if the words had been a gentle caressing whisper.
‘Ash, I love you too,’ I said, meaning it like I had never meant it before.  I wondered why when I heard those words from him and when I spoke those words it made me feel like my heart was already breaking.

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  1. OMG what a fantastic excerpt ... I love it ... I have bought Sanguinary and I'm desperate to read it ... wow .. n x